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Boneless Chicken Thighs (10lb)

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Enjoy our Zabiha Halal Boneless Chicken Thigh, which is a versatile, flavorful cut that is perfect for any weeknight meal. Often times other cuts of chicken become dry and tough, boneless chicken thigh often times stays moist and juicy when cooked. Our boneless chicken thigh packs a flavorful punch, that is great for a wide variety of chicken recipes. Our zabiha halal chicken thigh is a great halal friendly option that can be used for any recipe using chicken thigh.

Our chicken thigh is a poultry meat that is lean, juicy, and slightly sweeter than other types of chicken. Our customers use our chicken thighs for dry rubbed chicken thighs with Arabic seasonings served with naan bread; Moroccan chicken thighs, Persian-style barbequed chicken thighs, and etc.